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Dear Friends at Pacific Community,

Greetings from the Higginbothams. We hope this finds you well. Spring is struggling to gain a foothold on the west coast of Canada. Here's a quick update of ministry involvements with NAIM. Some important family news first.

My mom sent this update yesterday to let people know, “Since Ron’s 86th birthday on April 23rd, he has not been well. On Tuesday night, we decided to come to ER, since he was so weak he could hardly move, plus a few other things. After further tests, with more to come, the doctors are fairly sure he has pancreatic cancer that has metastasized to his liver. The attending doctor here was talking with us after the MRI this morning and asking us what we thought, and when we said the above, he said, quietly and with care, ‘We will not be able to fix you!’ To which my beloved husband said, ‘Well, I’m 86 and I’ve had a wonderful life, and I know the Great Physician.’
It is of course a shock, since we thought it was gall bladder issues. The hospital is overcrowded, he is still in the small bed from ER, and in triage until a room opens up. They will do a biopsy on one of the tumors when there is a place in the schedule. We do appreciate your love and prayers. Thankful for 58 plus years God has given me with this wonderful man, Emily.”

Well that is hard to write. We would love your prayers for my mom and dad these next days and weeks. For wisdom on the part of medical professionals, for comfort and that he will be healed. I want my dad to see his great grandchildren and to know them.

Thank you!

After a two-year hiatus, NAIM staff men and guests recently gathered in person. Myself, along with a few other guys on staff organized the event. Our speaker was Josh Charette (below pic), pastor of Great Plains Gathering (GPG), a PCA church in Billings, Montana. GPG began in 2011 with a vision to see hope and peace flourish among Native people in Billings, through the gospel.

Josh wrote, “I enjoyed getting to hear about all their various works among the First Nations of Canada. What encouraged me most was the longevity of NAIM’s work and the continuity and brotherhood among these leaders. I was grateful to spend time with all of them and interact with other leaders that are in similar contexts as GPG.”
Josh spoke out of 1 John 3 and reminded us that “our trusting as sons who are loved shapes our identity...” and “instead of clarity...may we pray for deeper trust.” It did our hearts good to gather, sing songs and share stories reinforcing truths of the story that we are sons who are loved.

In a few weeks, a good friend & co-worker Tal James and I will travel to Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia to participate in the 19th annual NAIITS (North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies) symposium.
NAIITS defines itself as a non-denominational organization dedicated to encouraging the Indigenous community to develop and articulate Indigenous perspectives on theology and practice. It seeks to facilitate the creation of a written theological foundation for the visioning of new paradigms to reach Native North Americans and other Indigenous peoples with the Good News of Jesus and the contextualization of the Good News in Indigenous communities.

This topic for this symposium is “Indigenous in the City.” 
“Nowhere is the urban and rural divide felt more strongly than among Indigenous peoples. It is commonly understood that Indigenous peoples are peoples of a particular land and place. Yet for a variety of reasons, an increasing percentage of Indigenous peoples live in urban contexts which may be a distance from their ancestral lands.” 
The symposium will ask, “What forms of spiritual renewal are to be found that foreshadow the Heavenly City?” 
NAIM elders Vincent (pictured above) & Vicki Yellow Old Woman will receive honorary doctorates for their years of ministry and political service.

Plans are coming together for the next Red Soul Rising youth camp that will happen in early August. This is a great partnership between local First Nations, Crystal Lake Evangelical Free in Illinois and churches and individuals in British Columbia. We ask prayer for all the logistics involved and that youth will return and God’s kingdom will expand.

Lastly, we would ask prayer for a group of us working on a video series called, “This Is My Story.” It will be patterned after the popular “I Am Second” project. I Am Second is a US multimedia and non-profit organization that is designed to inspire people to put Christ first in their lives. “This Is My Story” will focus on First Nation/Native American people telling their stories. We are in the baby steps phase of this...stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!

Tim & Lana Higginbotham

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