For several years, Pacific Community Church has been a “Global Church Partner” with The Gideons International in Canada.

The mission of The Gideons is to ignite and fuel a passion in people’s hearts to share the gospel

— training and equipping them, as a community of believers, to effectively introduce people to Jesus through God's Word. 


Pacific Community Church is a GLOBAL CHURCH PARTNER with The Gideons International in Canada.

PCC gives financial assistance to help The Gideons provide bibles and other evangelism-oriented resources to churches in other countries - to churches that can’t afford bibles.

In return, The Gideons gives PCC, and other Canadian churches, access to evangelism resources (New Testaments, Gospels of John, Hope & Light Scripture magazines, and the Spark magazine for children); provides evangelism training to their members, and comes alongside them to model evangelism in their communities. 

Internationally, through it's international arm called ShareWord Global, The Gideons partners with churches in other countries to multiply their overall gospel impact.  It provides training in evengelism and equips believers to reach their communities.


June 2021

Here are five areas in which the Pacific Community family can pray in support of the ongoing work of The Gideons/ShareWord Global.


Ukraine: We have begun “Zoom call” evangelism meetings with high school and college students in Ukraine. Ask God to prepare the hearts and minds of young people to hear His Word as it is presented by members of the ShareWord Global family.


Nicaragua: Pray for our church partner pastors in Nicaragua to have continued strength in sharing the gospel in the schools God has opened to them. Pray also for fathers of the students who will receive the Spark magazine.


Cuba: Miraculously doors are being opened in Cuba, the government has granted ShareWord Global permission to bring Scripture magazines and other materials into the country. Praise God for softening hearts as the ministry to students begins. Please pray over this important initiative, as this is one of ShareWord Global’s largest undertakings ever!


Serbia: Pray for new relationships that ShareWord Global members are building with the Balkan region countries, particularly the continued progression of Scripture magazine printing within Serbia.


New Canadian Resource: There has been such a good response from around the world to a new “digital magazine” concept that several denominations have been willing to pay for development costs of the magazine for their country. Please pray for design and technical details currently being finalized. It is hoped this new Scripture resource will soon be ready to launch here in Canada as well. 


It is not every day one hears words like this. These were the words a group of pastors told our team during an online evangelism training. It is often said that Christianity in Africa is a mile wide and an inch deep. While Christianity is widespread, the lack of Scripture resources prevents people from growing deeper in their faith. Though there are pastors and churches, they lack the support and sense of togetherness that Christian fellowship can bring.

That is why they need you!

In January 2021, we started our online evangelism training for Kenyan pastors and leaders - the response it received was astounding. Thirty-two pastors took part in the training and then went out to the streets to do evangelism. For most of the pastors, this evangelism training was the first time they had come alongside each other to serve. In fact, the event got such a huge response, that we already have 18 more training sessions scheduled in Kenya in the next three months.  

This is just the beginning! We are witnessing a growing need for evangelism training all over the world. We have Pastor Steven’s church in Ukraine, Pastor Julio’s church in Chile, along with many others, all waiting for the same thing. But for that, they need you! 

Click here to give today and help train and equip pastors with Scripture resources so that they can share the Good News of Jesus with people who need it the most.  

The pastors are waiting, the churches are open. They need you!

In Christ, Dr. Al Anderson President