Chris, Angela and their three children
are on mission in Mexico City!

September 2022 Update

In November of 2019, we started hosting a small group in our home.  What began as a neighbourhood group through Union Church evolved through the pandemic to an online group of people gathering in various countries and now to an in-person group of mostly singles and couples who are working professionals in Mexico City.  This group comes from all over the world and it is not unusual to have 10 countries represented around the table most weeks.

We met Josue and Noëmie through this group as they were original members.  We have journeyed with them and Jesus from when they were engaged, through pre-marital counseling, to a mid pandemic wedding and to now as they have recently moved to Washington DC. Noëmie grew up in France without a thought of God in her daily life while Josue had a deep love for God and the grace he had experienced through Jesus. Both are influencers in business and government and we have marveled at how God has placed them in places where they can shine for Jesus. When asked what was most significant in their years in Mexico, Noëmie shares it was when she met her husband and God. Now in Washington DC, they are a huge loss for our community but we delight in the ways in which we have been apart of their launching to a new season, new relationships and new opportunities. Would you join us in praying for this dear couple to find a faith community to continue growing and using their gifts and for their witness of Jesus to others will shine?! 
Small Group - the table has been a significant part of our time together. 
Sending Josue and Noëmie off to new adventures. 
We praise God for the growth of the very international small group that we just spoke of. We are bursting at the seams and while we desire to add more chairs to the table, the group is out-growing our apartment. We are praying and working towards multiplication and are hoping that one, possibly two groups will be launched in another neighborhood where many of the small group currently live. Even in a mega city where it is easy to not know our neighbours, we desire to be light and serve our neighborhoods and we are excited for what God is doing. We are discipling and mentoring these leaders as they step out into something new. Would you pray for us and the group as while there is excitement and an overall sense of God leading us into this new season, there is also sadness in the changes, not only for us but for the whole group. We have sure loved sharing life together in this unique way. 
Pastors from the Central District with whom we have the privilege of working with making disciples of Jesus everywhere!
We thank God for how He is using so many different ways to grow relationships and partnerships with the Mexico Alliance church. In a recent meeting with the President of the Alliance here in Mexico, he said in the past that "the Canadian mission" and the national church had mostly worked on separate projects and while that was not a negative comment about the past, he was encouraged to see the partnership, relationship and trust growing between our team and national leaders. We have sensed a shift for this time as there is an openness and willingness to work together and we are so grateful.

These past months, our team has been able to participate in a mission's conference and mission's trips, discipleship school, district meetings and services. We have spent significant time with leaders and pastors from the central district here in and outside Mexico City.  Please pray that God would lead us in discernment to partner well together, to encourage growth and maturity of the local church and to work towards the mobilization of Mexican workers to people who have yet to hear of Jesus here in Mexico and the outermost parts of the world.  
Missions Conference - introduction to some young women participating from an indigenous community. 
Pastor Arturo welcoming people to the conference
In the last few months, we have received invitations to be apart of mobilization networks here in Mexico as well as participate in missional engagement with the national church. In early August, we were apart of the mission's conference and at the beginning of September, Chris was able to participate in a networking evening with other like-minded organizations. The word "wave" is being used a lot as many from different streams of work and the church are also experiencing an increased move of the Spirit to organize well and help one another in sending Mexican nationals to the places in the world where it is much more unlikely that we as Canadians would be welcome. There are challenges, definitely, and we can feel the Spiritual tension so we need much prayer covering in these conversations for discernment as well for innovation and courage. 

A foundational desire for us is to be apart of growing, flourishing churches here in Mexico and so participating and serving our local churches and seeing them develop is key for this "wave" to be able to continue to grow. 

This week, September 27-30, Chris and Heather Hahn from our team will be traveling with 2 pastors from the Mexico Alliance Church (Arturo and Josué) to attend CLA (Latin America Alliance Fellowship) meetings in Columbia which is a gathering of Alliance church leaders from across Latin America. The desire is to hear, learn and partner together as Latin American churches to the send Latino national workers out to bring access to Jesus to the hardest and darkest places in the world where so many still have no access to Jesus. Pray for these days to be rich for the group of 4 from Mexico as well as fruitful for the Latin American Alliance.
Adventures as a family before Mackenzie started his new season in Sweden. 
Mackenzie's High School Graduation, May 28, 2022
On May 28, our oldest, Mackenzie graduated from high school! It was a joy to see him finish so well. These last 3 1/2 years since arriving in Mexico were not easy for him, but he showed such depth as he not only persevered but actually moved into thriving and loving Mexico City in his grade 12 year. He is now in Sweden attending Bible college at a Capernwray Torchbearers school for the next 8 months. As many of you can imagine, the change this brings to our family is huge! We are so excited for Mackenzie, he is ready! But, especially for Lucia, this is a hard change to comprehend. May Mackenzie continue to experience and know God's care and provision for him and may we as parents and siblings launch him well!
We have an immediate need for increased funds. Would you consider partnering with us and giving to our Ministry Partner Fund? Your gift would be used right away. It goes towards showing hospitality to our small group, covering the costs of moving around the city, sponsoring National Church leaders to participate in Latin American Alliance Missions meetings this week (CLA), our attendance to the Alliance Mexico Assembly, and local benevolent projects among so many other ways of working and ministering here in Mexico City.

Thank you for your faithful and generous support to the ministry God has called us to and that you have sent us to do in partnership with The Alliance Canada through the GAF Partner Fund.
Thank you....
Your prayers and partnership with us here in Mexico makes a huge difference!  This August marked 12 years for us as International Workers living in Latin America and we are so grateful for how you live life with us through prayer, connecting through messages and video calls, and continuing to give.  

We thank God for you and pray that you are being strengthened by the Spirit and reminded of the Love of Jesus and God our Father.  

with love and gratefulness for you,
Chris, Angela, Mackenzie, Lukas, and Lucía

Our God Story...

Chris and Angela both grew up in Christian homes. Chris remembers responding to a Holy Spirit nudge and making a firm decision to join God's family when he was 11 years old.

Angela gave her life to Jesus at a young age and with each year has grown deeper in relationship with Him.

Together they desire to love people, welcome them to participate in the family of God, and ultimately invite them to join the family as followers of Jesus. Being adventurers and risk takers, they have stepped through the doors God has opened of making disciples internationally.

To lead our team as we together fulfill our mission to glorify God by developing indigenous movements or reproducing churches among the least reach people groups in Mexico and beyond.

Current Priorities:
Our team is our first priority – to make sure they have what they need to fulfill our mission and live out their calling to be disciple makers in Mexico City. Our second priority is our partnership with the Mexico National Church – together we want to see all people groups in Mexico gain access to Jesus and together we turn our attention to those outside of Mexico who do not have access to Jesus.

Our Team:
Mexico City Team: Victor and Betty Chin, Bob and Amanda Eldred, Anne Louie, Heather Hahn and Andrés Cabezas, Rick and Susan Kilbrai, Bear and Vanessa Yarbrough, Ray and Cindy Perry, Anna Sinclair, Kelly Dyer, Dan and Jenica Van Essen, Chris and Terra-Lynn Ulriksen and Barry and Geraldine McLeod. 

We are so thankful for you
and thankful you pray!

Your prayers make a difference in our every day and in the every day of nationals and foreigners in Mexico City. 

With love, Chris, Angela, Mackenzie, Lukas and Lucía.

Pray that the Lord would supply the Hieberts with all they need to serve their team with wisdom and courage. Pray that they would understand their team, the people of Mexico and the least reached people groups in Mexico and the National Church so they can love well. Pray for the spiritual and cultural chains of the people of Mexico City to be broken. Pray that God will open their eyes and set them free from any bondage. Pray for the international community of Mexico City to find community and belonging through Jesus. Pray for Mexican nationals to be discipled and equipped to be sent out to other nations with little or no access to Jesus. 

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to Him,
    and He will make your paths straight."

Proverbs 3:5-6

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